Tattoos For Girls

Simple Tattoos For Girls

Simple tattoos for girls can be summed up with hand tattoos. These simple tattoos for girls are small and easy, without a large amount of space to cover, making them ideal for beginners or those who want a simple tattoo. Many Western cultures place a stigma on facial tattoos for simple tattoos for girls on their hands, an opinion quite the opposite of Eastern cultures who emphasize simple tattoos for girls on their hands. Naturally the stigma attached to simple tattoos for girls on their hands in Western cultures is a reflection of the fact that many occupations and other professional organizations require that you keep tattoos covered so tattoos on your hands or face will negate that ability, and are visible during dining, when greeting people, and during work.

Throughout the Western world, this stigma has created a rebellion for boys and girls alike, leading to simple tattoos for girls on their hands functioning as a symbol of gang relations. Having the simple tattoos located on the hands makes it clearly visible at all times makes it easily identifiable from a distance and therefore a true test of membership.

Cultures such as the Ainu people of Japan as well as Polynesian cultures are famous for practicing simple tattoos for girls on their hands. These tattoos functioned as a sign of careers, family, or social status. While men in these tribes often have the majority of the tattoos, women also decorated their bodies and their hands in particular. Women were typically considered more beautiful if they had tattoos, especially in Arabic countries where their husbands admired them more with tattoos. Many simple tattoos for girls were signs of progression into adulthood or for spiritual significance.

While these simple tattoos for girls were considered common, it was the placement that was significant as well. These hand tattoos are often the first tattoos to fade, particularly because of skin will slough off. Generally, these simple tattoos for girls will in fact heal out over time. Tattoos can be placed at the meeting point of the thumb and forefinger, or placed all the way around the fingers. In this case, many rings can be tattooed, making it especially unique for marriage symbols. Certain gang symbols are placed in unique places on the hand, while certain designs on the fingers indicate specific tribal affiliations. No matter where the simple tattoos for girls are placed, they offer a unique and creative outlet.